Make your golf course visible online.

CoursePreview is a virtual yardage guide that links or embeds into your current website and allows future players to quickly become familiar with the course.

A triple-threat tool, trusted by world-class properties nationwide

“ looks amazing.Our guests are appreciative of the visually appealing and easy to use layout when planning their trip. Brian was fantastic to work with and delivered quickly - we were very impressed. Highly recommend!

—Rory Hume
Director of Marketing, Tetherow Resort Bend Oregon

“If you are a golf course operator and you are looking to enhance your experience in every way, CoursePreview is a must. Photos of a course are great but CoursePreview turns the media into a digital adventure eliciting a desire to play. Brian conducts his business with a professionalism that exceeded my expectations.

—Zac Keener
General Manager, Chambers Bay Golf Course

“Brian is a former college player and obviously understands the game golf at a high level. And as an artist, he is an innovator. The interactive yardage guide has "wow'd" our players...and has transformed the way Shangri-La promotes it's facility.

—Rob Yanovich
Director of Marketing, Shangri-La Resort

The Process

All you need to provide is flyovers and a yardage guide.

1. Provide your flyover footage and yardage guide.

2. We immediately begin building your CoursePreview (current estimated turnaround is 6-10 weeks).

3. Start using CoursePreview on your website and marketing channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come film the flyovers?

Unfortunately, CoursePreview is not a production company. We use your existing tee-to-green footage to build the interface. If you do not yet have flyovers, don't be intimidated - filming is a simple process and takes about 3 hours per 18 holes. Get in touch and we'd be happy to recommend specific pilots, provide ideas on how to find a local pilot, or send our filming tips if you have a drone in-house!

How long is the required subscription?

All projects currently require a 3-year initial committment. Project cost includes a one-time development fee, and a small annual hosting rate. Rates vary based on number of courses on property, special requests, and current workload.

How does CoursePreview integrate with our existing website?

CoursePreview is its own full-screen website with its own URL ( For simplicity, clients typically link it into their site using a button that reads 'View the Course' or 'Explore the Course' etc. However, CoursePreview can also easily be embedded in a rectangular frame into any page on your existing site, much like you would embed a video.

Get in Touch Today

Current development turnaround time is estimated at 8-10 weeks. Project cost includes a one-time development fee, and a small annual hosting rate. Please reach out for pricing options, as rates vary based on number of courses on property, current workload, and any special editing requests.